freedom, flexibility, and joy

taking your photography business to the next level

We never thought we would find anything we enjoyed more than being behind the camera, capturing real life and true beauty. That all changed when we began mentoring and training other photographers. Now we find our greatest joy in helping photographers of all ages and skill levels grow in their craft and confidence.

Successful and Sustainable?


We understand how important it is to have multiple systems in place, especially when it comes to tasks which take up your time. Over the years, we have learned from the best (and a lot through trial and error) to find the best way to work efficiently with purpose and intentionality, freeing our schedule for more time with our friends and family.

What if you could run your photography business full-time, and never look back?

You could have freedom, flexibility, and joy in your photography business.
You could serve your clients with purpose and intention. 
You could give to your family and your community. 

My mentoring session with Andie was everything I could have hoped for. I learned about light, posing, editing, camera settings, and how to interact with clients. She really went above and beyond and taught me so much more than I expected… I have way more confidence and know that I will be proud of the photos I take. I have a much better understanding of how light works, how to pose clients (even when you're drawing a blank and don't know what to do!), and how to cull and edit faster. Attending this session was priceless and I know will not only save me so much time in the future, but gave me the abilities to grow my business into what I dream it can be! 

She really went above and beyond and taught me so much more than I expected!




You could continue running your business with feat and anxity 
You could live wedding to wedding or session to session to get by
You could go on worrying about the future of your business



Find freedom, flexibility, and joy in your photography business
Serve your clients with purpose and intention
Give to your family and community


Our revenue doubles yearly


After college and jumping right into running a small photography business, Andie learned how to earn a 6 figure income, grow her team & create a loyal community of clients. Her hope is that these educational resources will help empower and equip all small business owners! This online shop is her way of sharing her knowledge!!

Since 2015, Andie has doubled her photography business revenue every year - and she's so excited to share how!

Our first year together as Costola, we booked 36 weddings!
We grew to be a 6 figure business in under 2 years!
We serve clients who we love and who love us!

With Andie and Tony’s guidance I feel more confident in composing my art, shooting, editing, posing, finding good lighting, choosing better locations, and composing a beautiful layout. I even found the confidence to shoot in all manual, choosing all of my camera’s setting.

I learned a tremendous amount not just about my own photography business but about portrait photography and running a successful business in general. Andie is thoughtful, insightful and honest. She is incredibly intuitive and helped me find my unique photographic vision and style in a supportive and positive environment. Andie continues to be my trusted mentor and friend!

I even found the confidence to shoot in all manual, choosing all of my camera’s setting.



photography & business education

taking your business to the next level

This mentoring session is designed to delve into the natural light portraits and editing. This is for beginners (those who are brand new to Lightroom) as well as those who have worked with Lightroom for years.

During this session we'll talk about your style or the style you are seeking. This will include a 30-45 minute portrait session with a model where we go over all of your camera settings, lenses, and how to find great light. Then we'll work in Lightroom where you'll see me edit images and answer your Lightroom questions.

Investment is $699

Two Hour Shooting & Editing Session

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This is consultation that be one to three hours depending upon your needs and is for both the beginner and those who want to make changes to their current businesses.

We will discuss your concerns and needs in this industry as a business owner. Topics range from Business Model Analysis, Pricing Structures, Marketing Strategies, Goal Setting, Client Relations, Branding & Packaging, Website review, etc. Additional custom branding and website design is available.

Investment is $349 Per Hour

Customized Business Consultation

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We'll have discussions before hand to find out what your business and artistic needs are. The morning will be filled with whatever your business needs are so we aren't wasting time with things you already know. This can include Lightroom, a business review, a photo critique, etc.

You'll see how we work with our clients and we'll discuss technical aspects of your equipment as well as composition, lighting, posing, styling, client interactions, etc. 

Investment is $1499

All Day One-on-One Mentoring 

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 5 Tips for a Stress Free Portrait Session

Portrait Sessions can be stressful, but if you arrive with a few tricks in your bag, you’ll come away with portraits that perfectly capture what family is all about.


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5 Tips for a Stress Free Portrait Session

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